5 Things I learned Teaching Abroad


  1. Living and working abroad is hard work, but it isn’t as fearsome as it first appears.   It takes time to accustom yourself, and you miss the social connections you had.  However, eventually you begin to build different connections you would not have had if you hadn’t left home, as well as experiences.
  2. You have to give yourself as much time to answer questions from students as you give them to answer.  Teachers need “processing time” as well as students.  This was part of a teacher evaluation, and I really appreciate the insight.
  3. There can be essential hours of work for teachers outside the class room, and even planning.  Some of the activities can be reporting, marking, and meeting.  Each organization you work for will be distinctly different in terms of these expectations.
  4. Their are really thousands of levels of language proficiency.
  5. Cultures that you assume are close together because of geography or language really have nothing to do with each other.  (“Nada que ver)  The longer you are in the region, the more distinct the constituent people and places seem to become.

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